What is triggering the suicidal tendencies or depression in youngsters?


Today world is being attracted toward the foreign
culture and civilization. which is actually for the betterment of human life
but somehow these big concepts of civilization and globalisation fade the
bounding between the humans. Everyone is connected over the social platforms,
but in reality, they don’t even know each other that, what other person is
going through.

This suicide is very common with students these days in all over the world. Somehow the society and the family is also responsible for the triggering suicidal tendencies because they push the teenagers too much. Just for the society sake, parents want their children to do what everyone is doing and obviously noone asking the children what they actually want.

Society even plays a very important role because
everyone teaches us that there is no place in society for the person who fails
in an attempt to get the fucking piece of…

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