Time Pass Love

Time Pass Love Chapter- 1

This is true story about Ankit Sharma (Fake Name) and Nilam Yangik (Fake Name), Ankit who born in 26th November 1996 at Bettiah west champaran, Bihar but he live in Amritsar Punjab for study purpose he doing B.C.A-M.B.A from GNA University Punjab, and Nilam who born in 13th Feb. at Ranchi, Jharkhand but she live in Patna Bihar for studying she doing B.B.A from Patna University.

Ankit and Nilam both are meet online on Instagram in 2018 Ankit send request to Nilam on Instagram and Nilam accept request, after accepted request He send message to her, “Hi” and she reply “Hi” and chat was started between both.  In starting time, she replies continuedly but after few days she reply slow but reply every message, after some day they be good friend. And Ankit share everything with Nilam, she also interesting to talking with him but she replies slow because she no more active on Instagram that’s why she replies late but Ankit told her when she is not replies then he doesn’t feel happy. Because he like her very first day but he doesn’t want to tell her without knowing well but he told her, she late replies then he doesn’t feel happy then she gives her WhatsApp number and he sent message on WhatsApp. They continuedly chat on WhatsApp but after few days she again replies  late and he asked her again then she replies she was busy in group and some other collage friends that why she replies late after he replies ok the talk to with your friends I am going to sleep I will talk to you tomorrow and wish her good night but don’t go for sleep and he thinking about whole night about her he having overthink of habits that’s why he think maybe she telling lies she is not busy with her friend may be she having in relationship with some other boy this type of thought repeating in his mind but finally he slept at 3:00 am at night and tomorrow in night they chatting and he asked about her relationship status she, said I had a boyfriend but breakup with him that guy’s name Prabhas he from their home town (Ranchi) he also study at Patna in A.N Collage. They continued chat but she having same issue and she replies late but Ankit think  she busy in somewhere else after few days he asked again but this time she give a different answer she said to Ankit he (Prabhas) is backed in her life and they patched up and they are happy with each other Ankit feel very unhappy when heard this type of answer because he like her. But he did not tell her anything because she loves Prabhas last 5 to 7 years. Ankit having only one feeling but she did not feel like this but she treated like a good friend but some time also she treating like a stranger which is hurting to Ankit because he having feeling for her, he like more than a good friend. After happened this whole scenario Ankit think’s her boyfriend is back so, I don’t want to interfere in her personal life because he doesn’t want their relationship is failed because he wants to Nilam be happy every time. So, he stops texting to her on everywhere he can only reply her some times and she also replied some times to Ankit’s status.

 Ankit having very less number of friends only 2 or 3 was so Ankit feel every time alone, flustered, sad, lonely and his mood is every time upset  he look like a depressed personality his college’s friend called him to “Dukhi Aatma”, and serious personality he busy every time own world he doesn’t concentrate on his study. Reason  behind this type of Ankit behaviour he having family problem and failed some relationship, friendship  his past is very critical that’s why he making habit of overthink and he try to happy with his own world but he expecting something but his expectation was broken the he depressed, and he think never expect anyone and he want to be alone in whole life but after few days he on same track and he think anyone in this world who made for him whose share everything with her means we call he find a perfect match that’s why he is very active on social media site Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and he send request to every girl and after accepted the request he sent the message “Hi” if she was interesting to talk with him then he chat and try to find out the quality in her which he wants “perfect match” but chatting after some time he doesn’t find quality then he make her good friend if she was interested otherwise he stop texting this habit of Ankit he try to find out the way of be happy in his life but every one hurt him, and he assume no one is care about him but what do he so he don’t stop doing this types of nonsense he keep trying to every girl but one day he meet Riya on Facebook1-2 months  before meeting Nilam, and Riya was a very good girl and she judge to Ankit this guy’s suffering from depression and she talking with him on phone call very next day chatting after Facebook because she also moving on her breakup so she trusted on Ankit and she shared everything with Ankit, he also sharing with everything with Riya and Ankit be good friend. After few months Riya and Ankit reduce their talk both are busy in their life. And Ankit busy with his study and after some months start his master (M.B.A) so he more focus on his study. In May-July 2019 when Ankit having summer term break, he done part time job in his collage admiration department during the part time Ankit suffering from low blood pressure, blood infection and typhoid was also positive. And he stayed alone in his flat in summer term break so, he was gone in critical condition then he go to hospital and consult a doctor then doctor admitted in hospital for tow days. After discharge he wet his flat and he call one friend (who is his college best friend) for stay in night at Ankit’s flat but he doesn’t pick up his call after that Ankit call some other friend (Sanjeet) who stayed with him that night. In that night Ankit start anxiety and panic attack kind of disses because he has overthought habit so he feels anxiety or panic attack after few days he didn’t sleep at night after all this happening he called his father and tell about whole story which going with him. His father tells go to a good doctor and tell everything to doctor and consult with doctor then Ankit go I a medical college and hospital which is one of the best medical institute in Punjab then he consults a doctor to do some check-up and he said to Ankit everything is fine only typhoid is positive the give some medicine and said take rest and avoid smoking and drinking and also avoid taking stress. After few days same thing repeated with Ankit again, he has anxiety and panic attack. After 2 days Ankit called his childhood best friend (Ankit Kumar) who live in Patna. Ankit talked with his best friend the he suggested him come to Patna he knows a very good neurologist who has more than 8 years’ experience. Ankit booked his ticket for Patna and he take leave from his college and he went to Patna and he consult to doctor. Doctor give medicine and said take medicine continue and report every month to some other doctor who has nearby Ankit location. Ankit will be well after treatment and he take medicine continue as per the doctor’s instructions. Which time Ankit feel very lonely and alone so he started talking with Nilam again because when he talks with her, he feels very happy that why he started talking with Nilam she also interesting with Ankit. Both are continually talking after few days Ankit asked about her relationship she said breakup with him then Ankit said seriously or casual breakup is this after few days will you both will patch-up but she told to Ankit no this time finally over, Ankit feels happy and he said the continue talk to me then he said off curse  why not. After some days Ankit start approaching to Nilam but she said let’s see what happened in future, means she is interested in Ankit. So, Ankit said to Nilam are we talk on phone call then she said yes why not and she gives her calling number to Ankit and she start talking with each other………. Continue in Next chapter.

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